We announce that Lineage II Pandemonium will reopen its doors after many years. There is no specific opening date yet because we prefer to fix any bugs and make it as perfect as possible before going online.
The server is 90% ready but you can never be to careful. The server is in closed beta right now. We wont have a public beta. Once the doors open its online for good.

If you want to chat please visit the Forum.

This is a long term project, the server is here to stay forever. We wont do wipes or shutdown this means that even after 5 years you will be able to play. But be warned this server is low rate. It will be made for casual players who want to enjoy the game as it was meant to be (HARD). If you want the best gear you will have to work for it.

Some details about the project (Some features are subject to change until the server opens):

  • The server will not be on Java code.
  • Server will be on Interlude version.
  • All rates will be 1x yes you read right. It will be as close to retail as possible.
  • No custom zones, armors, weapons.
  • Custom NPC in Giran for vote rewards (No weapons, armors). Runes will increase your exp, sp, adena, drop and spoil rates.
  • Wedding manager.
  • TvT events
  • Anti buff skill. All players receive an anti buff skill when they create their character. This skill when active wont allow others to overbuff you.
  • Spawn protection.
  • Box limit will be 2. You can increase this limit with some items from the vote rewards npc in Giran.
  • Offline shops.
  • Offline shop limit 5.
  • Character PIN. For extra security.
  • Retail events. L2Day, Medal, etc ...
  • Custom events organized by the staff.
  • Donations: The jury is still out on this one. But if there are going to be donations it wont be for weapons or items, just services like character name change, account change, etc. These services are also achievable if you vote for the server.
  • Server proxies, You can chose a proxy with the best latency depending on your region.
  • Master account panel. From there you will be able to create game accounts see some statistics and some account and character functions.

These are just some of the features the server will have.
We appreciate any input on this project, if you have an idea or a suggestion let us know about it.

Thank you for your interest in the project.

- Dart @ L2Pandemonium -